Workplace safety

  • Supporting people who have experienced sexual assault, domestic or family violence is both challenging and rewarding
  • It can also present a risk to workers’ safety and wellbeing
  • Workplace health and safety (WHS) policies need to be in place to for anyone supporting people affected by sexual, domestic or family violence

Perpetrator risk

Supporting people impacted by sexual, domestic or family violence may mean also coming into contact with the perpetrators of violence. Perpetrators may be threatening, abusive or violent towards staff as well as clients. Security and lockdown procedures should be reviewed regularly to reduce the risk of incidents.

Some things that can be done to increase security include:

  • Installing duress alarms or panic buttons
  • Locking doors and counters or other barriers at reception
  • Staff incident response training
  • Using CCTV monitoring

Other resources

You can find out more about workplace safety from the Gendered Violence and Work website. They can also assist in developing workplace strategies for your organisation.

Gendered violence and work 

Workplace stategies