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1800RESPECT counsellors are not available by email

1800RESPECT counsellors can only be contacted through telephone or web chat. Call 1800RESPECT at 1800 737 732 or chat via our website ( Emails are not monitored by counsellors, and we do not provide a counselling service through email, or face-to-face consultations. Please do not send emails containing personal information. 

1800RESPECT can only be accessed within Australia. Our telephone and web chat services do not work outside these boundaries. If you are an Australian citizen living overseas, please contact a sexual assault or domestic violence service in the country you are currently living in, or contact local authorities if you are in danger.

Emails that include abusive language will not be responded to.

Call 000 if you are in danger now.

    What our team can assist with

    Please use the form to:

    • Request information about 1800RESPECT that is not available on our website
    • Provide feedback, compliments or complaints about the 1800RESPECT service, including telephone counselling, online counselling, or our website
    • Request a guest speaker from 1800RESPECT at your webinar, conference or event
    • Requests for use of 1800RESPECT logos or content.

    Your email address will not be used for marketing purposes.

    You can find out more about the security of your personal information in our Privacy Statement.

    Please note that we are unable to provide feedback to anonymous complainants as we are unable to investigate without a name or alias.

      Request of Information (interactions with 1800RESPECT)

      For what reasons can I access this form?  

      • Requesting information about your interaction (transcripts + recordings) with 1800RESPECT. Please note: we may require a warrant/subpoena for release of recordings or transcripts. 

      • Serving 1800RESPECT with a warrant/subpoena for request of information. 

      Access form here: Request of Information

      General and media enquiries

      For media enquiries, please contact:

      For further information about media enquiries, please see our News and Media section. For other general requests, please contact us using the form below.

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      Would you would like to be contacted about your feedback?

      Complaints and feedback

      Please use the form below if you would like to send us complaints and feedback. 

      If your complaint is related to your experience with the service (call or/and chat), please provide us with the exact date and time of your interaction. 

      All feedback will be investigated by our team.


      Requests for information by students

      Due to the scale of demand for information and interviews, 1800RESPECT only grants one-on-one interviews with media.

      Unfortunately we are unable to assist with high school, college university projects and assignments.

      You can find information about violence and abuse, supporting someone, and professional resources on our website.

      If you are seeking broader statistical information on sexual assault, domestic and family violence in Australia, please see the Australian Bureau of Statistics website, plus recent reports from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, and the Australian Institute of Criminology.

      For completed and current research on violence against women, please see the ANROWS (Australian National Research Organisation for Women's Safety) website.

      Job opportunities, volunteering and student placement

      Job opportunities: If you are a qualified counsellor and are interested in opportunities at 1800RESPECT, our service is delivered by Telstra Health, and all available opportunities are advertised on the Telstra Health website.

      Volunteering: 1800RESPECT does not have a volunteer program. Please see our Service Directory for organisations in your area who may be looking for volunteers.

      Student placement: 1800RESPECT does not have a student placement program.

      For more information, see our Careers and Volunteering page.

      Service Directory

      To apply to be part of the 1800RESPECT Service Directory, or to adjust your existing information, please see our About the 1800RESPECT Service Directory page for information and links to forms.


      1800RESPECT does not offer individual or corporate training.

      Please contact our National Plan Partner DV-alert for workshop and training options Australia-wide.


      While we appreciate generous offers, 1800RESPECT does not accept donations of any kind. 

      Please get in touch with local charities or organisations that may accept donations.   

      You are also welcome to visit Infoxchange Service Seeker – an online directory of over 390,000 health, welfare and community service providers in Australia – to find information about local charities. 

      You can also reach out to 1800RESPECT Specialist Organisations that accept donations. 

      Promotional materials

      Ordering promotional materials such as cards, pens and stickers can be arranged via the Promoting 1800RESPECT page.

      All resources and delivery charges are free. Please note that there is a limit on certain items. Contact us with details of your event if you wish to make a bulk order. Some items may be out of stock, but you are welcome to check back at a later date.

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