Events and Webinars

Upcoming sexual assault, domestic and family violence and related conferences, events and webinars from around Australia are listed here for your information. Where 1800RESPECT is attending, including stalls and speakers, is noted in the description for each event.

Domestic and Family Violence Response Training (DV-alert)

Domestic and Family Violence Response Training (DV-alert) is designed to build capacity in frontline workers within universal services for whom family violence is not a core function of their role.
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Laurel House Disability Workforce Support toolkit launch

Date:        23 May, 2022 
Location:  Burnie

Date:        25 May, 2022 
Location:  Launceston 

Date:        27 May, 2022 
Location:  Hobart

Laurel House, the sexual assault support service for North and North West Tasmania has been developing a comprehensive toolkit of resources to enhance capacity of disability support workers and clinicians to provide a trauma-informed response to people with disability who disclose sexual violence.  

The Toolkit provides a suite of resources to support workforce to provide a trauma-informed response to a disclosure of sexual violence from a person with disability. The event includes training and information sessions, guest speakers, film and poster screenings, and opportunities for collaborative discussions.

No to Violence 2022: Shifting the Burden

Date:        1 - 4 August, 2022
Type:        Webinar
Location:   Adelaide Conference Centre


No to Violence Conference 2022: Shifting the Burden will start a conversation that changes the focus of family and domestic violence in Australia, shifting the burden of responsibility from victim-survivors and placing it firmly on the men who use violence.