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1800RESPECT – 1800 737 732 National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service for people living in Australia

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Aims of the Service

  • To provide confidential telephone and online, information, counselling and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • To support people experiencing the impacts of sexual assault, domestic or family violence.
  • To provide information, advice and support to frontline workers, and family and friends, to help them to respond appropriately to sexual assault, domestic or family violence.

1800RESPECT Background

1800RESPECT is the National Sexual Assault Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service. It is a confidential online and telephone counselling, information and referral service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Domestic and family violence is one of the greatest challenges in Australian society.

  • One in four Australian women has experienced sexual or physical violence by an intimate partner[1]
  • Domestic violence is the most significant burden of disease for women aged 15 to 44[2]
  • Without action, violence against women is estimated to cost to the Australian economy $15.6 billion in 2021-22.[3]

Alarmingly, while the rates of most other violent crime are decreasing, incidences of domestic violence and sexual assault continue to rise.

Launched in October 2010, 1800RESPECT provides high quality support for people experiencing, or at risk of, sexual or domestic violence; their family and friends; and frontline workers and professionals.

1800RESPECT is delivered by Medibank Health Services on behalf of the Federal Government Department of Social Services as part of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022.

The National Plan brings together the efforts of governments across the nation to make a real and sustained reduction in the levels of violence against women and targets two main types of violence: domestic and family violence, and sexual assault.

1800RESPECT is the only national service of its kind and is designed to ensure anyone impacted by domestic and family violence can access counselling, information and support when and where they need it.

Following an independent review of the service in 2016, it was recommended that 1800RESPECT implement a First Response Triage Model which was subsequently launched on 16 August 2016. 

Staffed by professional counsellors with a minimum three year tertiary degree in relevant fields, and no less than two years’ full time counselling experience, the 1800RESPECT First Response Model means callers are answered immediately and transferred to the service they need.

Thanks to this approach, 80 percent of calls are answered within an estimated 20 seconds, ensuring women who call 1800RESPECT get the help they need, when they need it. Callers also have full access to specialist trauma counsellors.

In addition to telephone and online counselling, the 1800RESPECT website has information for women and their family and friends, plus a Frontline Workers Toolkit to support frontline workers in identifying and responding to anyone experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, domestic and family violence.

The toolkit contains valuable resources and information, as well as useful referral information and resources to support workers dealing with cases of sexual, family and domestic violence.

1800RESPECT also offers an app – Daisy – that connects women to a wide range of specialist support services in their state or local area.

If you or someone you know is impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit www.1800RESPECT.org.au. For more information about a service in your state or local area, download the Daisy app in the App Store or Google Play.


[2] Victorian Burden of Disease Study: Mortality and morbidity. Department of Health & Human Services. State Government of Victoria. 2001

[3] Estimated costs of domestic (intimate partner) and non-domestic (non-intimate partner) violence against women and their children by category, by 2021-22, without appropriate action. “The cost of violence against women and their children.” DSS. March, 2009.

Media Releases and Background Information

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Media Resources

OurWATCh have developed a range of media resources including guides for journalists reporting on sexual violence, domestic violence and family violence.  They can be found here

Information Sheets

Information and background - 1800RESPECT 

Stakeholder Updates

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About Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia

Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia (R&DVSA) is a non-government, not-for-profit service which has been assisting those who have experienced sexual assault in NSW for the past 40 years. R&DVSA is currently subcontracted by Medibank Health Solutions to provide specialist trauma counselling for the 1800RESPECT service. More information about Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia can be found on their website: www.rape-dvservices.org.au/

About Medibank Health Solutions

Medibank Health Solutions delivers a range of innovative health care solutions for corporate Australia and government. More information about Medibank Health Solutions can be found on their website at http://www.medibankhealth.com.au


Medibank’s purpose is for better health. Everything we do is aimed at delivering better health outcomes to all Australians, through the provision of health services and our work in the community.

We’re passionate about nurturing careers, supporting new innovation and thinking, and openly collaborate and share ideas. Our people play an important role in the future of health & healthcare, and we believe that by working together, we’re stronger.

We recognise that our people are all unique in their life experiences, skills and abilities. We want to be known for having a diverse workforce and valuing the range of backgrounds that represent our people through gender, age, LGBTI, ethnicity, religious and cultural backgrounds, family status and flexibility.

With such a broad network of opportunities across Medibank, we require a diverse mix of talent with the passion and skill to promote the values of better health at every level.

For an option that will suit you better, visit the Careers page to explore the range of opportunities at Medibank.

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